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For playground equipment and installation services, look no further than American Playground Company of Madison! Over the years, our highly trained personnel have serviced parks, apartment complexes, schools, and general recreation areas, and we remain the #1 contractor in the state of Wisconsin. Contact us for all your playground needs. Our inventory contains thousands of products, from playground equipment to shade fixtures to exercise equipment.


During the summer, temperatures increase and the material used to make playgrounds become hot to the touch. This poses the risk of accidental burns for users, so American Playground Company of Madison sells and installs a variety of shades and shelter fixtures. Contact us to get these installed on your playground and increase play time safety this summer!


Site furnishings for playgrounds in Madison include public grills, trash receptacles, bicycle racks, and benches. Our staff is trained and equipped to handle safe installation of all these products. Once you’ve picked out furnishings from American Playground of Madison, contact us for a free quote.



Many playgrounds are located close to sporting venues, so you can potentially increase the number of visitors to your playground by installing athletic equipment. Batting cages, goal posts, basketball hoops, bleachers, nets – as the city’s #1 contractor, we not only sell but install all of these products. Contact American Playground Company of Madison to expand your fun site with high-quality sports furnishings.


According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, three out of four playground-related injuries result from accidental falls. Such injuries are not entirely avoidable due to the nature of playground entertainment: running, climbing, playing tag, etc. However, you can lessen the severity of falls with proper surfacing. American Playground Company of Madison recommends rubber surfacing and artificial turf.


Freestanding elements are detached from the playground itself but part of the same recreational area. Examples include swings, climbers, slides, ball pits, and spinning equipment. These items are useful for diversifying fun options at your playground, and American Playground Company of Madison is the #1 contractor for getting them.


As a venue for running and climbing, playgrounds promote exercise among children. American Playground Company of Madison’s inventory includes pull bars, curl stations, and cardio walkers, allowing children and their parents to exercise when they come for fun.


American Playground Company of Madison sells and installs inclusive play equipment such as ramps, quartets, sand spots, and specially designed playground structures. Appealing to children of all abilities and backgrounds, inclusive playground venues have the potential to draw more users and nurture community relations. Children of various demographics come for fun and have a chance to grow up together.


American Playground Company of Madison recognizes that pets want to participate in fun time excursions with their human companions. For this reason, we sell and install pet-friendly exercise equipment such as hurdles, balance planks, and multi-level steps. Dogs can have fun when accompanying their families to the playground now!

The American Playground Company is proud to be working with Superior Recreational Products as a quality supplier for all of your playground needs.

Free Quote and Consultation

Free Quote

For American Playground Company of Madison's outstanding services, simply contact us to request a free quote. Pick out the products and services you need regarding playground design, installation, maintenance, and amenities.


American Playground Company’s free evaluations cover your Madison playground project in tremendous detail. Pick out services and items that fit your budget, location, and projected user needs. Our free evaluations can be conducted in person or through digital video chat.


American Playground Company of Madison allows you to verify that the playground we build is the one you want! Providing complete site layouts itemizing details such as furnishings and structures, installation does not begin until we receive your approval on the layouts.

Installation by certified and experienced professionals

Full Installation

American Playground Company of Madison follows safety practices to the letter, installation carried out by trained industry professionals.

Community Build

If your volunteer community wants to build a playground in Madison, American Playground Company can send a trained supervisor to oversee progress.

Customer Installation

Although installing playgrounds on your own can reduce costs, there are a number of factors to be aware of. You will be solely responsible for making sure the playground is installed properly and built according to the best safety standards.

About American Playground Company

The American Playground Company is the Midwest’s premier playground and recreational contractor that can accommodate every aspect of your project, both big and small. From initial design to final playground installation, our in-house team of experienced project planners, installers and inspectors will ensure that your playground, park, sporting, dog park, and other outdoor recreational areas are perfect from start to finish. American Playground Company also offers accessories and services needed for your recreational area. This includes playground surfacing, installing shades and shelters, and amenities such as playground benches and swings.

As the premier playground contractor in the Midwest, we prioritize safety in all our installments. Our playground inspectors are CPSI certified and will ensure your project is designed, developed and maintained with standard of care safety compliances.

The American Playground Company is a division of the American Fence Company. With our parent company, we are able to implement custom and unique fabrications while maintaining competitive pricing on playground equipment and accessories. We are capable of offering expert-driven services such as needs assessments, custom design consultations, CAD drawings and profession installation based on your project needs.

American Playground Company proudly serves states all across the Midwest. We work in and around Omaha, Lincoln, Grand Island, Columbus, Norfolk and Kearney, Nebraska; Des Moines, Sioux City, Iowa City, Cedar Rapids and Ames, Iowa; Rochester, Minnesota; Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Kansas City and Wichita, Kansas.

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