The Best Wood Fence Products on the Market!

Wood fence panels are a staple of many residential yards, and it’s no big mystery why. In addition to providing a sturdy physical barrier to help protect your property—not to mention to contain pets and children—this type of fencing comes proffers a touch of elegance, boosting curb appeal and potentially increasing property value. Here at America’s Fence Store, we sell and install wood fencing fabricated from only high-quality grades. The tree species from which we source include Douglas Fir, White Fir, Western Red Cedar, White Pine, and Incense Cedar. Our products come in the following wood fence styles: solid, shadow box, picket, scalloped, and custom.

Solid wood fence panels provide an impenetrable physical and visual barrier, so that no one can peak into or out of your property. This is the ideal fence type for families with easily distracted pets—as a determined dog can chew through pickets to chase the squirrel which has nabbed their attention. A shadow box wood fence performs the same function, except its board-on-board pickets increase visual appeal and make your property look spiffier. Picket wood fences provide security while also allowing some visibility as to what’s on the other side. Scalloped wood fencing is uniquely attractive with its curving picket style.

If you want a custom wood fence design, we can help with that! Our wood fence fabricators and engineers can answer all your questions and assemble the fence of your dreams. These fences are assembled using only the best wood fence materials on the market!