84" Tension Bar
84" Tension Bar

84" Tension Bar

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Despite its simple appearance—what appears to be a thin, elongated sheet of metal—a tension bar is one of the most essential components in building chain link fences. For it is from this modest-looking fitting that chain link fabric derives the tension needed to make it rigid, stable, and thus protective. Without these bars, your fence fabric will be loose, allowing animals and people to easily crawl underneath.

Once you've installed your fence's terminal posts (and fitted them with tension bands), line posts, and top rails, attach the chain link fabric. To do so, unroll the fabric and stand up on end of it so that it rests parallel against one of the terminal posts. Hold the fabric in place and carefully slide the tension bar vertically through both the tension bands as well as the "knuckles" in the fabric. Install a second tension bar on the opposite end of the fabric using the same method. Successful installation of both tension bars will provide the tension needed to stretch the fabric.

Two tension bars are needed for each stretch of chain link fabric. A bar must be installed at every corner, end, and gate post. This particular 84" Tension Bar is made for 7' chain link fences. It is made of galvanized metal, which means it is long lasting and rust resistant. In short: these tension bars also contribute to the longevity of your fence.

  • Galvanized
  • Steel construction
  • Made for a 7' tall fence
  • Corrosion resistant

How the part fits? A 84" tension bar is actually 82” in length. It is designed to fit through the last weave of the chain link fabric at the point of termination.

Where is it installed? The tension bar is installed at every point where you terminate your chain link fence. 

How many do you need? You will need (1) 84” tension bar at every corner, end, and gate post. For every stretch of fence, you will need (2) total.

Once you have installed your post, framework and top rail, you will take the end of the chain link fabric and place it up to the terminal post. Start at the top of the chain link fabric and insert the tension bar down through the bands and the weave of the chain link until you get to the bottom. You will then tighten all the tension and end bands to hold the tension bar in place.