PVC Glue 8oz
PVC Glue 8oz
PVC Glue 8oz

PVC Glue 8oz



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  • FOR BUILDING VINYL FENCES: High in strength and waterproof, this vinyl glue is commonly employed when attaching fence caps to posts.
  • SEAMLESS APPLICATION: Thanks to anti-UV solvents in its formula, this glue, even after dispensed and hardened, doesn’t yellow or fade. Applied in a consistent manner, it blends seamlessly into white PVC.
  • ADDITIONAL USES: Not limited to use on vinyl fencing, this adhesive is also commonly applied when constructing PVC railings and decks.
  • EASY TO APPLY: Nozzled end for gently squeezing adhesive onto vinyl surfaces. The volume and screw-on cap mean you’ll get multiple uses out of this 8oz tube.

Strong, visually consistent, and easy to apply, this PVC glue is essential when putting together vinyl fences, decks, and rails. Throughout the year, your fence will be exposed to wind as well as the occasional physical impact—kids trying to clamber over the fence, dogs brushing against the panels, basketballs accidentally thrown out of the driveway, etc. To help prevent fence parts from being jarred loose, assemble them using an adhesive that not only matches the look of your fence but also possesses strength greater than that of the usual glue brand. Because it’s intended for assembling an outdoor product, the glue should also possess anti-UV qualities. The solvents in this glue prevent it from yellowing or fading with time. This adhesive comes in an 8oz squeeze tube whose needle-shaped nozzle allows for smooth dispensing and multiple applications.