Crimped Tension Wire 1,000' Per Roll 7 ga
Crimped Tension Wire 1,000' Per Roll 7 ga

Crimped Tension Wire 1,000' Per Roll 7 ga

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Increase the security of your chain link fence with our 7-gauge Crimped Tension Wire. Its crimped design increases tightness when stretched. You can use tension wire to hold the bottom of the chain link fabric to the line posts, or you can use it to replace top rail to reduce cost and make the fence harder to climb. 

  • Galvanized
  • 7-gauge 
  • 1000 feet 
  • Corrosion resistant

How the part fits? Tension wire is used for multiple applications. You will see tension wire most commonly used as bottom tension wire in substitute of bottom rail. Bottom tension wire will help prevent people and animals from pushing their way underneath a fence. You can also use tension wire in substitute for your top rail, this will make it harder for people to climb. This will also help you save some cost.

Where is it installed? Tension wire can be installed on the bottom and top of your fence. It is most common on the bottom of your fence. 

How many do you need? You will need as many feet as your total footage of your chain link fence. Galvanized tension wire come in rolls of 1000’. Black tension wire comes in rolls of 500’.

7ga crimped wire, 81.50lbs

You will want to roll out your tension wire on the outside of the fence. You will then stop at your terminal post and attach it to your end band and start tightening the wire. When the tension wire is tightened you will crimp hog rings every 2’ to secure the tension wire.