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Christy’s Red Hot Vinyl Glue, White – Weatherproof Adhesive for Building Vinyl Fences, Windows, Decks, and Railings – Attaches PVC Materials


  • #1 CONTRACTOR-PREFERRED BRAND: Highly recommended by fence and deck companies. Professionals vouch for this glue’s seamless application and dependable strength.
  • FOR ASSEMBLING VINYL PRODUCTS: Strong, flexible bond for attaching PVC parts. Commonly used when assembling vinyl fences, decks, windows, trims, decks, and rails.
  • SETS QUICKLY: After applying to the parts meant to be joined, press the two surfaces together and hold for five minutes. Remove any excess adhesive and leave the “joint” undisturbed for thirty minutes. The glue should reach its fully hardened state within twenty-four hours.
  • WEATHERPROOF: Although intended for applying to dry surfaces, once hardened this adhesive will retain its strength even against the weather. This glue is also formulated for UV resistance.
  • MADE IN USA: Domestically manufactured, made in the United States.



Product Description: When it comes to assembling PVC fences, decks, railings, furniture, etc., professionals recommend Christy’s Red Hot Vinyl Glue. A #1 contractor-preferred brand, this adhesive’s celebrated for its seamless application and reliable strength. Before applying, clean and dry off the PVC surfaces to be joined. Apply an even coat of adhesive to both parts of the “joint”; for the best results, avoid puddles and voids. With the glue still wet, press the two parts together. Hold firmly in place for five minutes after the joint “sets.” You can then remove any excess bond and leave the joined parts undisturbed for at least thirty minutes. Within twenty-four hours, the glue should reach its final hardened state—at which point it’ll be weatherproof, resilient to water damage and UV rays. This white glue is perfect for white vinyl fence projects and comes in an 8oz tube, enough for several assembly projects. It is a domestically manufactured product, made in the United States.