48" x 11-1/2 ga Residential Chain Link-Knuckle Knuckle
48" x 11-1/2 ga Residential Chain Link-Knuckle Knuckle

48" x 11-1/2 ga Residential Chain Link-Knuckle Knuckle

The American Fence Company

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Galvanized for a smooth, burr-free finish, our 4’ x 50’ Chain Link Material makes a great privacy fence with weave large enough to see through, but small enough to discourage small animals and intruders. 

  • Roll out design makes this material easy to install 
  • 11 1/2 gauge steel 
  • Top and bottom ends are knuckled in order to remove sharp edges
  • Galvanized for increased durability

How the part fits? Chain link fabric fits in between your pre-set terminal posts.

Where is it installed? Chain link fabric is installed in between your terminal posts and on the outside of your line posts.

How many do you need? You will need the same amount of chain link fabric as the total footage of your yard. Chain link fabric typically comes in 50’ rolls. You will want to have a little more chain link fabric than your actual footage so you have enough to stretch.

4' Height, 73lbs per 50' roll

Lay the chain link roll out so that the bottom end is closest to the post and the roll is perpendicular to your fence line. Once you know your fabric is in the correct location, stand the fabric roll up so that it sits approximately 3’ from the terminal post and flush against the outside of the top rail. You may need another roll of chain link fabric to reach your next terminal post. You will easily connect them by weaving the two rolls together. Once that is complete, you will pull the chain link fabric to the terminal post and terminate that run. Click here for more information.