Black Vinyl Coated Wire Ties #16  8-1/4" x 9 ga (Bag of 100)
Black Vinyl Coated Wire Ties #16  8-1/4" x 9 ga (Bag of 100)
Black Vinyl Coated Wire Ties #16  8-1/4" x 9 ga (Bag of 100)
Black Vinyl Coated Wire Ties #16  8-1/4" x 9 ga (Bag of 100)

Black Vinyl Coated Wire Ties #16 8-1/4" x 9 ga (Bag of 100)

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  • 100 TOTAL WIRE TIES: Order consist of one bag.
  • BLACK VINYL COATING: Each wire tie has been coated with a fine layer of black vinyl, making it ideal for completing installation of black vinyl coated chain link fences.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Use the tie’s hooked end to grip a knuckle along the upper edge of your chain link mesh. Wrap the tail end of the tie completely around the top rail to secure the rail and the mesh together. You can also use these wire ties to attach chain link to line posts.
  • RUST RESISTANCE: The combination of 9 gauge aluminum and vinyl coating provides these ties with superior resistance to rust and corrosion.
  • USED IN MAKING VARIOUS FENCES: Use these wire ties to help build secure, sturdy garden and kennel fences in addition to residential and commercial fencing.

Once a fence’s framework has been set and the protective mesh attached, it is time to seal off loose points between the chain link and the top rail. Of course, any fencing accessories you purchase must match the aesthetic of the fence itself. For instance, if you have a black vinyl chain link fence, these black vinyl wire ties are the go-to product. To attach, use the hooked end of the tie to grip a knuckle along the top edge of the chain link fabric. Pinch the hook so that it firmly grips the knuckle. Next, wrap the “tail” of the wire tie around the top rail. Wrap the remainder of the tail around a wire in the chain link. This product consists of two bags, each containing 100 black vinyl wire ties—so, 200 total. Each tie’s fabricated using 9 gauge aluminum and coated with black vinyl. This combination of material and surfacing means superior rust resistance.

    How the part fits? The 8-1/4” wire ties are designed to go around line posts and over top rail.

    Where is it installed? The 8-1/4” wire tie is installed every 24” on the top rail, and for your line post you will have the height of your fence minus 1. For example: for a 4’ fence you will have 3 wire ties. The 3 ties will be evenly spaced out, the first one 6” from the bottom and the last one 6” from the top. 

    How many do you need? You will need one wire tie every 24” for the top rail, and height of your fence minus 1 for each line post.

    Fits 2-1/2" post.

    The tie is design to hook the first knuckle of the chain link and bend the hook end past rest of the tie.