1-5/8" x 6" Black Top Rail Sleeve
1-5/8" x 6" Black Top Rail Sleeve

1-5/8" x 6" Black Top Rail Sleeve

The American Fence Company

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  • JOINS CHAIN LINK TOP RAILS: Tubular in shape, this fitting’s designed to connect two separate pieces of chain link top rail.
  • IMPROVES FENCE STABILITY: This sleeve not only allows for extended rail runs but can also be used to repair or straighten broken rails.
  • AFFORDABLE FENCE REPAIR: Using a sleeve to mend broken rails costs less than custom-fabricating longer rails or buying replacement parts!
  • BLACK VINYL COATING: Durable fabrication for a longer-lasting fence. The black vinyl coating not only allows blends into the aesthetic of black chain link fencing but also imbues the sleeve with superior rust resistance.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: For assembly, slip one end of the sleeve over a top rail. Secure the other rail using the opposite end. You can weld this sleeve for additional strength.

Product Description

A cost-efficient alternative to replacing bent or broken fence rails, this sleeve is designed to join two pieces of railing together. Fabricated from galvanized steel for superior strength and longevity, it’s also extremely rust-resistant. Given that a fence is a permanent outdoor installation subject to changes in weather and humidity, resilience to corrosion allows for a longer-lasting product. Assembly is easy thanks to the sleeve’s simple, tubular shape. Each end features a circular gap specifically sized to grip a 1-5/8” top rail. In addition to connecting broken fences, you can also use this sleeve to join two whole pieces of top rail for an extended run. A much more affordable method for fence construction and repair than custom-fabricating extra long rails or replacing railings entirely. You can weld this sleeve to its joined rails for additional strength. This particular sleeve features black vinyl coating, which makes it incredibly rust-resistant. This is a necessity for outdoor fencing, which is subject to rain, melting snow, morning dew, etc. The coating also matches the aesthetic of black chain link fencing.


How the part fits? A 1-5/8” top rail sleeve is designed to connect two pieces of unswedged top rail together.

Where is it installed? A 1-5/8” top rail sleeve is installed where you need to extend your top rail with another piece of top rail that is not swedged.

How many do you need? You will need one, 1-5/8” top rail sleeve to connect two pieces of un swedged top rail together.

Fits 1-5/8" pipe; .47lbs.

The 1-5/8” top rail sleeve is installed by sliding the 1-5/8” top rail sleeve onto the 1-5/8” top rail. You will then connect second piece of top rail into the sleeve.