60" Black Tension Bar
60" Black Tension Bar

60" Black Tension Bar

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Product Description

When it comes to assembling black vinyl chain link fencing, you need accessory parts that not only complete installation but match the fence’s overall aesthetic. For example, after setting up terminal posts and fitting them with tension bands, you need black tension bars for the crucial step of installing the chain link infill. To install, place one end of the chain link against a terminal post. Slide your tension bar vertically through each band as well as the end knuckles in the fabric. When you install a second tension bar at the opposite end of that roll of fabric, the chain link becomes stretched and taut—imbued with the strength needed of residential or commercial fencing. Thanks to the black coating, these tension bars not only match the look of black vinyl fencing but also benefit from resilience to corrosion. As outdoor products, fences—and individual fence parts—need to be rust-resistant. This not only makes them safe to the touch but also improves their strength. After all, if your tension bar corrodes and breaks, the tension in your fence is gone. 

About this item

  • FOR 5’ CHAIN LINK FENCES: A necessary component for creating tension and thorough strength in your chain link fence’s infill fabric. Without these bars, the chain link would hang loosely and could easily be exploited by intruders.
  • STRETCHES FENCE FABRIC: Installed in tandem with tension bands (sold separately) to stretch chain link fabric into a desired state of tautness.
  • BLACK COATING: Matches the aesthetic of black vinyl chain link fencing.
  • RUST RESISTANT: Coating helps shield the tension bar from rust and resultant corrosion.

    How the part fits?  A 60" tension bar is actually 58” in length. It is designed to fit through the last weave of the chain link fabric at the point of termination.

    Where is it installedA tension bar is installed at every point where you terminate your chain link fence. 

    How many do you need? You will need (1) 60” tension bar at every corner, end, and gate post. For every stretch of fence, you will need (2) total

    Once you have installed your post, framework and top rail, you will take the end of the chain link fabric and place it up to the terminal post. Start at the top of the chain link fabric and insert the tension bar down through the bands and the weave of the chain link until you get to the bottom. You will then tighten all the tension and end bands to hold the tension bar in place.