3" Black Steel Terminal Cap
3" Black Steel Terminal Cap
3" Black Steel Terminal Cap
3" Black Steel Terminal Cap

3" Black Steel Terminal Cap

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When you finish setting up the framework for your chain link fence -- the terminal posts and the chain link mesh -- it is time to attach those final fittings, such as terminal caps. Because chain link fence terminal posts are hollow, the open ends present potential hazards. The edges of these openings can become sharp with time. What's more, open endings allow precipitation and debris to clog the insides of the posts. The result is a not entirely safe fence presenting danger to both people who come into contact with it and compromised strength for the posts themselves.

This 3" Black Steel Terminal Cap has been fabricated with a dome-shaped top and smooth, rounded edges for safer handling. Installation is simple: fit the cap over the opening of the terminal post and press it into place. If needed, you can use a rubber mallet to help force it snugly onto the opening. The terminal cap is made of durable steel. It is rust resistant and painted to match the aesthetic of black vinyl chain link fencing.

  • Made of durable steel
  • Black color
  • Rust-resistant 
  • Rounded design offers increased safety

How the part fits? The cap slips over the top of the corner, gate, or end post to hide any sharp post edges and protect from water damage.

Where is it installed? The cap is installed on top of the exposed terminal post.

How many do you need? One cap is required for each terminal post.

Fits 3” outside diameter post. .40lb.

Place the cap over the exposed edge of the post. The cap should fit tightly around the rim of the post. You may use a rubber mallet to ensure the cap is secured firmly in place.