3" Black Fork Latch
3" Black Fork Latch

3" Black Fork Latch

The American Fence Company

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Product features

  • About this item

    • ESSENTIAL GATE PART: This two-prong fork latch is designed to drop around and hold onto a 3” fence post.
    • USED WITH DROP FORK HANGER AND CARRIAGE BOLTS: Attach to your gate frame using a fork hanger and carriage bolts—sold separately.
    • PRE-FABRICATED HOLES: Use the top hole for attaching the fork latch to your gate hanger. The second hole can accommodate a padlock or carabiner—for keeping the gate shut when the property’s unsupervised.
    • BLACK VINYL COATING: Steel coated with black vinyl to match the appearance of black vinyl gates and fences.
    • RUST RESISTANCE: The black vinyl coating also makes this gate latch rust-resistant. Resilience to corrosion is essential for any hand-operated gate part.

Product description

Once your black vinyl-coated chain link fence and the accompanying gate have been installed, the next important step is setting up a means of keeping your gate shut—one that also allows for easy opening. Featuring a two-prong design and a pair of pre-drilled holes, this fork latch is designed to smoothly drop around a 3” fence post, thereby holding your gate in the closed position. At the same time, it can easily be lifted, allowing the gate to open once more. The 3” Black Fork Latch is secured to its gate frame using a fork hanger and carriage bolts—sold separately. To install, match the topmost pre-drilled hole with the hole in the hanger; secure using a carriage bolt. The latch’s second hole—located on the bottom—is for attaching padlocks, carabiners, etc. This way, you can prevent the gate from opening again until a time you deem appropriate. This is essential when your property’s unattended for long periods of time—such as at night. It’s also helpful for pool fence gates, as you don’t want kids gaining access to the water unless an adult is present. This particular fork latch features a fine black vinyl coating, which not only matches the aesthetic of your black vinyl fence and gate, but also boasts superior resistance to rust. After all, this is a hand-operated part. No one wants to get a tetanus shot for handling a rusty fork latch.