4" Black Commercial Fork Latch
4" Black Commercial Fork Latch

4" Black Commercial Fork Latch

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About this item

  • KEY PART OF GATE: When attached to the gate frame, this latch is designed to drop and grip onto a chain link fence post, thereby holding the gate door shut. To open, simply lift the latch.
  • USED WITH DROP FORK HANGER AND CARRIAGE BOLTS: Attached to your chain link gate’s drop fork hanger using carriage bolts (sold separately).
  • TWO PRE-FABRICATED HOLES: The top hole is used for securing the latch to the latch hanger by use of a carriage bolt (sold separately). The bottom hole can be used for attaching a padlock to keep the gate closed.
  • BLACK VINYL COATING FOR RUST RESISTANCE: In addition to matching the visual aesthetic of black vinyl gates and fences, this latch’s coating imbues the part with excellent resilience to corrosion. This helps prevent rust and keeps the latch safe to touch.

Product Description

When it comes to installing a gate onto a chain link fence, the last important step is—of course—ensuring the gate not only remains closed when you shut it but that it can also be opened as needed. Most residential gate owners accomplish this using a fork latch. With its two-prong, open-mouth shape, this part fits smoothly around a 4” fence post. Attach to your 1-5/8” gate frame using the two holes built into the latch’s handle—in combination with a drop fork hanger and carriage bolts (sold separately). Use the top hole for securing the latch to its hanger: line up the hole with the hole in the hanger and insert the carriage bolt to secure. The latch’s bottom hole can be used for attaching a padlock, carabiner, etc. This way, you can keep the gate shut to visitors until you decide to open it again. This is an important feature for security as well as safety. For instance, if you have a gated fence around your pool, it prevents kids from opening the gate and swimming unsupervised. This particular fork latch features black vinyl coating. Besides fitting the visual look of a black vinyl chain link gate/fence, the coating imbues it with excellent resistance to rust. After all, a gate latch is a manually operated item; the last thing you want is someone accidentally cutting themselves opening the gate.