1-3/8" Black Aluminum Terminal Cap
1-3/8" Black Aluminum Terminal Cap
1-3/8" Black Aluminum Terminal Cap
1-3/8" Black Aluminum Terminal Cap

1-3/8" Black Aluminum Terminal Cap

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Terminal caps are a must for making an installed chain link fence appear whole and elegant. Because chain link fence terminal posts are hollow, it is important to cover them up after installation. For one thing, there's a potential safety hazard: the edges of the opening can become sharp with time. People coming into contact with the fence posts, including children as they attempt to climb the fence fabric, can accidentally cut themselves on the edges. What's more, the wide openings provide gaps for rain, moisture, and debris to enter and become wedged within the posts—thereby compromising the integrity of the fence.

The 1-3/8" Black Aluminum Terminal Cap is designed to counter these issues. Use these to cover the tops of all end, gate, and corner posts. The attachment process is simple: just press the cap over the post opening until it fits snugly into place. The domed shape and rounded edges make it safe to handle. If necessary, use a rubber mallet to gently force the cap onto the post. This terminal cap has been fabricated from lightweight aluminum painted to match the aesthetic of a black vinyl chain link fence. Made of rust resistant material, it is designed to last.

  • Made of light-weight aluminum
  • Black color
  • Rust-resistant 
  • Rounded design offers increased safety

How the part fits? The cap slips over the top of the corner, gate, or end post to hide any sharp post edges and protect from water damage.

Where is it installed? The cap is installed on top of the exposed terminal post.

How many do you need? One cap is required for each terminal post.

Fits 1-3/8” outside diameter post. .11lb.

Place the cap over the exposed edge of the post. The cap should fit tightly around the rim of the post. You may use a rubber mallet to ensure the cap is secured firmly in place.