8-5/8" Steel Terminal Cap

8-5/8" Steel Terminal Cap

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After completing chain link fence installation, it's time to attach those accessories needed to make the fence look complete. For instance, the terminal posts for chain link fences are hollow and feature open ends through which precipitation and debris can enter. You don't want your terminal posts to become clogged with detritus over time. Nor do you want anyone accidentally cutting themselves on the edges of the post tops, which can become sharp.

The 8-5/8" Steel Terminal Cap is designed to cover the tops of terminal posts. This cap is fabricated using galvanized steel, which provides superior rust resistance. It features a domed shape and rounded edges, which allows for safe handling during and after installation.

  • Fits 8-5/8” diameter tubing 
  • Galvanized steel 
  • Increased safety 
  • Water protection