8-1/4" x 9 ga  .80oz Wire Ties (Bag of 100)

8-1/4" x 9 ga .80oz Wire Ties (Bag of 100)

The American Fence Company

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No matter its strength, chain link fabric is worthless unless it remains attached to the frame of your fence panels. It must not be easily removed or come loose; it must not have loose points. For this reason, you need wire ties—sturdy yet bendable pieces of aluminum that you hook onto the knuckles of the fabric and then wrap around either a line post or top rail. To install, attach the hooked end to a knuckle along the edge of your chain link adjacent to the rail or post you want to secure it to. Wrap the tail completely around the rail or post. Tie off the remainder of the tail around a wire in the fabric.

Resistant to rust, these wire ties will add to the strength and longevity of your chain link fence. Each bag comes with 100 wire ties.

  • Comes in bags of 100 
  • Fits 2-1/2” posts
  • Corrosion resistant