5/8" x 70" Black Tension Bar

5/8" x 70" Black Tension Bar

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The 5/8" x 70" Black Tension Bar might appear to be little more than a narrow slat of material, but it is actually one of the most vital components used in installing chain link fences. For it is this bar, used in combination with tension bands (sold separately), that instills the tautness required for a strong, impervious barrier. Without the rigidity provided by this bar, your fence fabric will have loose ends under which animals and people can pass. Rigid chain link fence panels is especially important for households with small children and pets.

After installing the top rails, terminal posts, and line posts for your chain link fence, fit them with the above mentioned tension bands. Unroll your chain link fabric and stand one end of it against a terminal post. Now vertically run a tension bar down through both the bands as well as the end "knuckles" of your fabric. When you install a second tension bar at the opposite end of the fabric (using the same method), you'll be able to provide the fabric with tension.

The 5/8" x 70" Black Tension Bar is made of rust resistant material.

  • Held by tension bands 
  • Black vinyl coating 
  • Corrosion resistant