5/8" x 1-3/8" Black Gate Clips

5/8" x 1-3/8" Black Gate Clips

The American Fence Company

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Assembling a chain link gate is, to a degree, like assembling chain link fence panels: the protective infill of intersecting metal wires must be stretched and set in such a way as to retain tautness. Without this, your gate panel will have loose ends that intruders can exploit and through which small animals can crawl. In addition to the actual gate frame, you'll need tension bars and what you might consider to be the gate equivalent of tension bands: chain link gate clips.

Used in tandem with tension bars (sold separately), gate clips not only hold chain link gate mesh but keep it taut and strong. To install, first slide a tension bar through one edge of the infill mesh. Hold the fabric in place over the gate frame. Install the gate clip by sliding the larger opening down and over a vertical post in the gate frame. Use the smaller end to hook the tension bar attached to your chain link mesh. Crimp the ends of this clip for additional security.

Coated with black vinyl, this gate clip matches the aesthetic of black vinyl chain link fencing and gates. What's more, it's highly rust resistant, meaning it won't become worn out by exposure to the elements. This particular gate clip is designed for use on a 1-3/8" gate frame. 

  • Black vinyl coating
  • Fits 1-3/8" gate frame
  • Maintenance free
  • Corrosion resistant