4" x 4" Neptune Solar Light Post Cap (Box of 6)

4" x 4" Neptune Solar Light Post Cap (Box of 6)


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The 4” x 4” Neptune Solar Light Post Cap combines functionality, beauty, and convenience into one. Designed for 4” x 4” vinyl fence posts, their pyramid-shaped chassis (composed of resin and acrylic lenses) provide an attractive top adornment, increasing the beauty of your fence and deck posts. But what’s especially appealing is the cool, almond-colored light emitted in all directions (including above). The light is pleasant, providing ambiance and illumination without being overwhelming. So you can achieve quite the display with many feet of fence or deck railing topped with these solar post caps. And the best part is that these caps do not require electrical connection—so you can forget about all the hassles involved with wiring and plug-ins (not to mention ramping up your electric bill). Each cap is powered by its own individual battery. (Do note that it can take a few days for each battery to fully charge.)

These vinyl fence post caps are resistant to rust, corrosion, and ultraviolet light damage. If you want to bathe your yard with attractive lighting without taking a huge loss on your energy bill, look no further than this product. A vinyl fence adorned with 4” x 4” Neptune Solar Light Post Caps also has the potential to raise your property value, as well! Each order comes with six post caps.

  • Powered by clean energy
  • Fits a 4” x 4” post
  • No hassles from wiring or electricity
  • Great for decks, fences and patios

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