4" Black Tension Band [14 Gauge]
4" Black Tension Band [14 Gauge]
4" Black Tension Band [14 Gauge]

4" Black Tension Band [14 Gauge]

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An essential part in the assembly of a chain link fence, the 4" Black Tension Band [14 Gauge] is used in conjunction with tension bars (sold separately) to stretch chain link fabric and provided fence panels the tautness needed to prevent intrusion. Installation is simple. Attach this 4" Black Tension Band to your terminal posts (gate posts, corner posts, and end posts) by sliding it over and down the post. Space apart the bands evenly and secure in place with 5/16” x 1-1/4” carriage bolts (sold separately).

Once you have a terminal post with all the needed bands installed, slide a tension bar vertically and downward through each band, at the same time feeding the bar through the "knuckles" at the edge of the chain link fabric. Once this is done between two posts, you have a whole chain link fence panel that is rigid, tight, and secure. This 4" Black Tension Band features vinyl coating for extra aesthetic appeal.

Example: 4' post height requires 3 tension bands. 

  • Used for black fencing
  • For use with 4" post

*Does Not Include Nut and Bolt

How the part fits? A 4” tension band is designed to fit around a 4” terminal post.

Where is it installed? A 4” tension band is installed by sliding over the 4” terminal post once the post is set. Tension bands will be evenly placed on each terminal post.

How many do you need? You will need 4” tension bands for every stretch of fence. The amount of tension bands you will need per terminal post is 1 less than the height of the fence. For example, if you have a 4’ fence you will need (3) 4” Tension Bands per terminal post. There are two exceptions, if you have a 3’ or 3-1/2’ fence, you will need (3) 4” tension bands. For a full stretch of fence from terminal post to terminal post, you will need double the amount. Ex: For a stretch 4’ fence you will need (6) total 4” tension bands.

4' post size, .28lbs

A 4” tension band is installed by sliding it over the 4” terminal post once the post is set. You will need to space the 4” tension bands evenly on the terminal post. Then you will slide the 5/16” x 1-1/4” bolt through the tangs and tighten the nut.