3" Dome Cap

3" Steel Terminal Cap

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When it comes to completing a chain link fence, one of the key steps is attaching parts that make the fence look whole. Some of these parts are also, in their own way, essential to the fence's structural integrity. This 3" Steel Terminal Cap is a must have when building chain link fences with 3" posts. Terminal posts for this fence type are hollow and have open ends on both sides, which mean open gaps on the top allow entry to rain and detritus. If your posts become clogged or overrun with mold and rust, it can hamper the integrity of the post over time. There is also a potential safety hazard with terminal posts with open tops. The edges can be sharp. You'll risk accidental cuts to people coming in contact with the fence, such as children when they try to climb it.

So how do terminal caps for chain link fences help? This 3" Steel Terminal Cap fits snugly over the top opening of your fence posts. It features a rounded shape and smooth edges for safe handling both during and after installation. What's more, the cap has been fashioned using galvanized steel, which provides superior rust resistance. It is long lasting in addition to elegant.

  • Keeps water out of pipes 
  • Galvanized steel construction 
  • Increases safety with rounded edges 
  • Tidier appearance 
  • Fits 3” posts