3" Dome Cap
3" Steel Terminal Cap
3" Steel Terminal Cap

3" Steel Terminal Cap

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About this item

  • CHAIN LINK FENCE POST CAPS: Simple and ergonomic in design, these caps fit snugly on posts. Press down into the mouth of the post until the outer “ring” meets the post’s top.
  • KEEPS WATER AND DEBRIS OUT OF FENCE POSTS: An open fence post becomes a trap for rainwater, leaves, dirt, etc. Having a cap prevents detritus from cluttering the inside of your post.
  • PRESERVES FENCE INTEGRITY: Accumulated water and debris can, over time, compromise the integrity of your posts. A cap keeps out these unwanted entities.
  • SAFE TO TOUCH: A smooth, dome-shaped top lacking sharp edges. Safe to touch both before and after installation.
  • FOR TERMINAL POSTS: Install a cap on every end, corner, and gate post.

Product Description

Though you might not suspect it from their simple appearances, caps are integral to finishing a chain link fence. After all, fence posts are also known as tubes because they’re hollow and feature open ends. As a result, if you don’t cover their openings with caps, the posts can accumulate water and melting snow, as well as debris such as leaves. Over time, this can compromise the posts’ integrity and thus weaken your fence. But you can prevent this phenomenon by placing steel caps atop your posts. Not to mention: an unprotected post-top can lead to potential injuries. Over time, the edges can become sharp cut someone who comes in contact with them—such as kids climbing the fence! This is where these steel fence caps into play. Each cap features a domed top and a circular underside, designed to fit smoothly into the open mouth of a tube, the circular ring preventing the whole thing from sinking into the pipe. The smooth, domed top is safe to the touch and helps prevent injuries. These steel fence caps need to be installed at every terminal post on your chain link fence: i.e., each end, corner, and gate post.