3" 6 Strand Corner Barb Wire Arm
3" 6 Strand Corner Barb Wire Arm
3" 6 Strand Corner Barb Wire Arm

3" 6 Strand Corner Barb Wire Arm

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Barbed wire fencing is an essential installation for correctional facilities, substations, power plants, government buildings, and high-security venues such as data centers. Many of these sites don't install barbed wire on their fences' actual infill but rather at the top. This way, even if someone's bold enough to clamber up the side, they won't so easily slip over the top.

The best way to install concertina wire is with barbed wire arms. These arms come in different shapes, the most secure and intimidating being this two-way six-wire arm. Sporting two arms pointing opposite directions, each fabricated to project 45 degrees from the center, it will cause personnel on either side to think twice before climbing. Even if they somehow manage to avoid one set of wires upon reaching the top, they won't be able to cross over the other without getting snagged by the barbs. Featuring a cylindrical mouth with a circular hole on the base, this fixture can be planted atop a fence post and accommodate a rail running through the middle. The result is a firmly installed security add-on that intruders and escapees cannot easily remove. Not to mention the arms add some extra height to your fence!

Both arms feature notches wherein the wires can be snugly fitted, and the entire item's composed of galvanized, rust-resistant steel. It is designed to fit on the corners of 3" fence posts.

  • Barb wire: item #20072 
  • Heavy steel 
  • Additional fence height 
  • Rust resistant 
  • Increased fence security 
  • Fits 3” posts 
  • Easier installation of barbed wire