2" x 2" Panel Clamp

2" x 2" Panel Clamp

The American Fence Company

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The 2" x 2" Panel Clamp is used to secure chain link fence panels together, and for this reason is especially common in the construction of dog kennels. The clamp is made of two identically shaped halves that, when put together, form a pair of tautly packed cylinders for gripping 2" chain link fence tubes. Once you’ve enclosed the clamp pieces around two cylinders, secure in place with a carriage nut and bolt (sold separately). Generally speaking, we recommend installing two clamps at each panel transition: one connecting the top panels at the top, one connecting them at the bottom.

This chain link fence panel clamp has been fashioned from galvanized steel, which provides superior rust resistance.

  • Made of galvanized steel
  • Perfect for dog kennels
  • Fits 2" tubing
  • Connects kennel panels
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