2" x 1-5/8" Steel Line Rail Clamp

2" x 1-5/8" Steel Line Rail Clamp

The American Fence Company

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Integral in the safe construction of chain link fencing, the line rail clamp allows the installer to connect two horizontal fence rails to the same fence post. For cyclone fence installation—as well as dog kennels, greenhouses, sports fencing, and anything that requires mid and bottom bracing—including a rail clamp in your itinerary of chain link fence accessories is vital.

To attach this 2" x 1-5/8" Steel Line Rail Clamp, slide the clamp's central gap over the fence post and secure with nuts and bolts (sold separately). The line rails are held in place by the clamp's tube-shaped "arms." This clamp is made of heavy, rust resistant steel. Sturdy and built to last, it contributes to the strength and longevity of your chain link fence. Rust resistance boosts its usefulness for sports fencing—you don't want players or spectators being scratched and possibly in need of a tetanus shot should they bump against the fence.

  • Nut and bolt sold separately 
  • Used frequently in cyclone fence installation 
  • Smooth finish 
  • Forms a + or x shape 
  • Durable, corrosion resistant steel