2" Galvanized Steel Tension Band

2" Galvanized Steel Tension Band

The American Fence Company

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Tension bands are essential components for building a chain link fence. Attached to terminal posts (end posts, gate posts, corner posts, etc.), these steel bands are used in combination with tension bars (sold separately) to attach chain link fence fabric. Attach three tension bands to your terminal posts by sliding them down the post after it has been installed. Space the tension bands apart evenly. Secure by sliding a carriage nut or bolt (sold separately) through the tangs of each band and tightening.

The chain link fence tension bar (again, sold separately) is slid vertically through the tension bands and—at the same time—through the ends of the chain link fabric. This not only attaches your chain link fence fabric but also tightens it to make the fence secure. These corrosion-resistant bands may also be used for gate frames. Fashioned from galvanized steel for extra longevity.

  • Doesn’t include Carriage nut or bolt
  • Can also be used for gate frames 
  • 2” size tubes 
  • Steel construction 
  • Comes in black, part #10405B.