1-5/8" Aluminum Terminal Cap
1-5/8" Aluminum Terminal Cap

1-5/8" Aluminum Terminal Cap

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Terminal caps are essential fittings in completing a chain link fence. Used to cover the openings of hollow fence posts, these caps make your fence appear whole and complete, and also eliminates certain safety hazards. The opening edges of fence posts can be sharp, presenting a venue for accidental cuts for anyone climbing or handling the fence. Having a terminal cap over the opening eliminates this hazard. It also prevents rainwater and debris from entering and cluttering the inside of the fence post.

The 1-5/8" Aluminum Terminal Cap can be used to cover the openings of corner, end, and gate posts. Attaching the cap to a post is easy: place the cap onto the post opening and press it down into place. If needed, use a rubber mallet to help it onto the post. Featuring a domed shape and rounded edges, it is safe to handle. The cap is fabricated using aluminum.

  • Decorative 
  • Fits 1-5/8” tubing 
  • Rounded edges for additional safety 
  • Aluminum construction