1-5/8" Aluminum Rail End
1-5/8" Aluminum Rail End
1-5/8" Aluminum Rail End

1-5/8" Aluminum Rail End

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The 1-5/8" Aluminum Rail End is used in combination with end bands (sold separately) to attach top rail, middle rail, and bottom rails to terminal posts when constructing chain link fence panels. As its name suggests, it is designed for attachment to the end of a fence rail. Simply slip it onto the end of the railing until it's snug in place. Once you've installed an end band to your terminal post, position the rail end so that the circular hole in its tip rests between the end band's tangs. Use a carriage nut and bolt (sold separately) to secure the two pieces together. Now your railing is firmly attached to the terminal post.

This 1-5/8" Aluminum Rail End has been fabricated from rust resistant materials, which adds to the longevity of your fence. Resistance to corrosion means your fence won't rust from exposure to morning dew or precipitation.

  • Rust resistant 
  • Carriage Nut & Bolt sold separately, Part #11170

How the part fits? 1-5/8” rail end has the inside diameter of 1-5/8”. It fits over 1-5/8” O.D. top rail.

Where is it installed? 1-5/8” Rail end is installed at the end of the top rail. You will need a rail end at every point of termination.

How many do you need? For every stretch of chain link fence, from terminal post to terminal post you will need (2) 1-5/8” rail ends.

1-5/8" rail size, .24 weight

The 1-5/8” rail end is attached to an end band; the end band is the size of the diameter of the terminal post. 1-5/8” rail end is attached to the end band by sliding the rail end in between the tangs of the end band. You will then slide the 5/16” x 1-1/4” bolt through the end band and rail end.