1-3/8" Aluminum Terminal Cap
1-3/8" Aluminum Terminal Cap
1-3/8" Aluminum Terminal Cap

1-3/8" Aluminum Terminal Cap

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When it comes to finishing touches to make a 1-3/8" chain link fence appear whole and complete, these terminal caps are a must have. Terminal posts (gate posts, corner posts, end posts) are usually hollow and feature openings through which rain and debris can enter. There's also a potential safety hazard: the edges of the post openings can become sharp with time, thereby risking accidental cuts when people come in contact with them.

The 1-3/8" Aluminum Terminal Cap is designed to cover these openings, reduce the risk of injury and further improve your fence's strength and longevity. Attaching this terminal cap is simple. Place the cap over the opening on the post and press it down until it fits. If necessary, use a rubber mallet to gently tap it into place. This cap is domed in shape and features round edges, which makes it safe to handle both before and after installation. It is made of aluminum and fits 1-3/8" chain link fence posts.

  • Fits 1-3/8” posts 
  • Made of aluminum 
  • Rounded edge offers increased safety 
  • Decorative