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If you need rental fencing in Madison, WI, American Fence Rental is here to help! Ideal security for construction sites, concerts, golf tournaments, marathons -- situations where crowd and vehicle control are essential! With an assortment of products in our stockpiles and knowledgeable professionals on our team, we can service your temporary fence needs today!

Rental Fence Products

Panel Fencing

As Madison's #1 rental fence contractor, we specialize in easily assembled, very affordable temporary fence products. Our products are easily transported, configured and reconfigured. For properties where security perimeters and needs are always changing, our rental fences come highly recommended!


Of course, fences that need to permit authorized entry also need temporary gates. American Fence Rental can help with that, too -- we offer swing and slide gates to accommodate fencing. Job sites and public events requiring controlled foot and vehicle traffic benefit greatly from temporary gates.



Keeping dirt and debris out of job sites is integral for productivity, and having some form of branding on your rental fencing is very representational. Windscreens -- also known as privacy screens -- are ideal solutions: highly customizable, able to include text, graphics, logos, colors, etc.

This type of commercial fencing is among the most affordable available and allows for highly efficient installations. It is often used to secure job sites or other areas where access is restricted. However, they are also an excellent solution for creating boundaries in recreational spaces, such as tennis courts.


Another temporary fence solution offered by American Fence Rental of Madison are barricades -- perfect for crowd control at parades, marathons, weddings, etc. Lightweight and easy to install, effortless configuration and reconfiguration, requiring no special equipment. A number of setup options available.


For job sites and event areas in Madison that need an additional layer of security for their perimeter fencing, American Fence Rental offers barbwire, tension wire, access control devices, top and bottom rail framework, etc. Our security options also include the Ultra Latch, which is resistant to bolt cutters.