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For high quality temporary fencing in Des Moines, look no further than American Fence Rental. Whether you're managing a construction site or staging a crowded event -- marathons, concerts, tournaments, etc. -- we can help with our trained staff and top-caliber products. Security and convenience for your site.

Rental Fence Products

Panel Fencing

American Fence Rental specializes in easy to assemble products that work for budgets of all sizes. What's more, our products are transportable. They are easy to handle, easy to configure, and easy to reconfigure. This means they're flexible and highly suited for projects --personal and private -- with frequently changing security needs.


Secure entry is a must for rental fencing, excellent for curbing foot and vehicle traffic into project areas. Here at American Fence Rental, we also offer an assortment of options on temporary gate solutions. This includes swing and slide gates. 



Especially in job sites, preventing dirt and debris from blowing into your fenced-in area is valuable. As a solution, we recommend our windscreens. Also known as privacy screens, these protective coverings go over fence panels. What's more, they're customizable, able to display colors, text, graphics, etc. Boost your promotional value while keeping dust out of your area.

This type of commercial fencing is among the most affordable available and allows for highly efficient installations. It is often used to secure job sites or other areas where access is restricted. However, they are also an excellent solution for creating boundaries in recreational spaces, such as tennis courts.


Ideal crowd control devices for foot and vehicular traffic at marathons, parades, weddings, etc., our easy-to-install barricades can be configured and reconfigured to suit the security needs of your individual work area. No special equipment required for assembly for these freestanding structures.


If you need additional security for temporary fencing in Des Moines, check out our selection of barbwire, tension wire, top and bottom rail frameworks, and access control devices. Also be sure to consider our Ultra Latch, which is highly durable, strong enough to resist damage from bolt cutters.