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As the number one fence contractor in Fargo, American Security and Gate Company provides expert fence design, installation, and maintenance services in a service area that includes Argusville, Davenport, and Mapleton. As our name indicates, we also handle gates and access control -- not to mention architectural screening and specialty products such as gazebos. If you need fence materials for a DIY project, we can help with that, too! Our company sells high quality fence parts in vinyl, wood, chain link, etc. at affordable prices!


Residential Vinyl Fence

American Security and Gate Company is the top resource for residential fencing in Fargo. Vinyl, wood, ornamental, custom ornamental, chain link -- we design, fabricate, and install fences in all of these materials. What's more, our company offers materials and fence parts wholesale. DIYers in Fargo can get their fence making supplies directly from us!

Residential Services


Commercial Louvered Fence

American Security and Gate Company is the top commercial fence contractor in Fargo. Choose the material type you want your fence made from -- vinyl, chain link, wood, ornamental, and custom ornamental. We also sell fence materials and fence parts at affordable prices!

Commercial Services

Residential Fence Products


American Security and Gate Company's vinyl fences in Fargo are fabricated by certified industry professionals. Extremely elegant, designed to boost your property's curb appeal. Available in many colors and styles.

If you’re concerned about the aesthetics of the area you’d like to fence, then vinyl is great fencing option to consider. It’s available in a wide variety of styles and colors to enhance the appearance of any property and to provide privacy where needed. It is also exceptionally durable, and will look great for years with minimal maintenance required.


American Security and Gate Company of Fargo's wood fences are put together by an in-house team of certified wood fence fabricators. Choose between multiple styles and colors. Shadow box, privacy, semi-privacy, and picket fences. Wood types include Douglas Fir, White Pine, Incense Cedar, and Western Red Cedar.

A wood fence requires more maintenance than many other types of fencing; however, it is customizable and offers a level of beauty and warmth that’s hard to match. Virtue Fence can design and build a beautiful wood fence that is perfect for any business that wants to create a stunning and cohesive outdoor space, such as a dining patio.


Stop by American Security and Gate Company in Fargo for your ornamental iron fencing needs. Our products are of top notch quality and very affordable. Our ornamental fences are offered with options on railing and picket styles.

Our aluminum commercial fencing is a versatile and cost-effective solution that also has a sleek, modern appearance. This type of fencing is usually used in permanent installations to mark property boundaries around parks, schools, office buildings, and many others. Additionally, aluminum fencing can be installed on uneven or sloped landscaping without leaving ugly gaps.

Custom Ornamental

American Security and Gate Company provides the best custom ornamental fencing in Fargo, North Dakota. Our products are designed and fabricated by a highly trained team of industry professionals. We'll tailor your fence's design and functionality to your individual needs.

Automated Gates

American Security and Gate Company's automated gates in Fargo are high quality, impervious, and used in both residential and commercial settings. These gates help keep out intruders while permitting simple entry to authorized personnel.


American Security and Gate Company of Fargo offers a broad selection of customization options on railings. Two material types -- vinyl and ornamental -- combined with an assortment of adornment options makes us your one stop shop for customizable railings.

Specialty Products

American Security and Gate Company of Fargo designs, fabricates, and installs specialty products -- gazebos, arches, custom mailboxes, etc. Choose from our vast selection of high quality materials which include wood, vinyl, and metal.

Our Process Delivers Best-in-Class Fences

Global Purchasing Power

In our 55+ years in the business, we've formed lasting partnerships with reputable vendors around the globe. Through these partnerships we acquire hundreds of truckloads and train carloads of fence materials at excellent prices -- resulting in savings that we subsequently pass onto our customers. When it comes to fences materials, American Security and Gate Company accepts only the best.

Exclusive Ornamental Product

American Ornamental is the name of our in-house line of prefabricated ornamental fencing. The fencing products we manufacture under this line are equal in quality to well-known brands on the market but are cost competitive!

Manufacturing Division

One of the benefits of American Security and Gate Company is that we operate our own in-house manufacturing division, fabricating the products we design and sell. Because we run this division, we have more flexibility than other fence companies in Fargo, ND.


Maintaining job site safety is a top priority for us here at American Security and Gate Company. Because of this, we have set up a number of equipment certification programs that our installation staff is required to complete, and we follow industry specific safety practices. We currently hold a MOD rating of 0.73, significantly better than the industry average of 1.1.

Professional Team

American Security and Gate Company believes in rewarding hard work, and so over the years, we have provided our team with increased wages, additional PTO, and multiple benefits packages. Our company presently employs 40+ installation teams nationwide and is continuing to develop teams of knowledgeable industry professionals.

Size Matters

American Security and Gate Company's products -- fences, gates, gazebos, architectural screening, etc. -- have been delivered to and installed in each of the continental states. We currently operate 10 branches and several divisions and between them employ 300+ people.


If you need fence installation in Fargo, ND, American Security and Gate Company is the contractor of choice. Handling both residential and commercial jobs regarding fences, gates, access control, and speciality products (gazebos, arches, custom mailboxes, etc.), we can provide the services to help secure your property and boost your curb appeal. If you need fence materials at great prices, we can help with that, too! We aren't known as the #1 fence company in Fargo for nothing!