Chain Link

Chain Link for Residential, Commercial, and Sports Fencing.

Chain link fence panels are a popular selection for commercial and sporting applications—commonly used for tennis court fencing, basketball court fencing, baseball field fencing, and pool fencing. It has also been used in the fabrication of backstops and is frequently selected by homeowners who desire secure but inviting barriers around their land. The interweaving fabric provides strength and security while permitting visibility and airflow into an enclosure.

Here at America’s Fence Store, we sell two categories of chain link fence panels: galvanized and vinyl coated. Galvanization is essential in making rust resistant products that’ll last and last. The prevention of corrosion also increases safety, especially for sporting venues. After all, a rusty fence increases the risk of injury should players or spectators bump against it; not to mention getting cut on a rusty piece of material requires a tetanus shot! If your chain link fence panels have been galvanized, however, this particular hazard is eliminated. Our vinyl coated chain link fence panels have also been fabricated for rust resistance, though they’re more visually appealing thanks to a sleek powder coated finish.

We also sell the individual components necessary for the building of a chain link fence: chain link fabric, fence posts, and all the various accessories.