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When it comes to automated gate contractors in Sioux City, American Access Company is the choice provider. Our selection of gates include options on configuration, horsepower, voltage, length, weight, cycles, and phases. Security, prestige, and convenience all combined into one product that will safeguard your property for years to come. Learn more.


In addition to being robust and secure, American Access Company’s automated gates are easy to operate with their openers. Simply press the transmitter button on your gate opener to send a radio frequency code to the gate. These devices are very much like garage door openers – they can even be attached to the visor on your car for easy access! American Access Company also provides customizable transmitters that send individual codes, allowing you to manage time zones and track usage of your gate. Learn more.


American Access Company’s gate operator accessories have been designed to close gates, keep gates open, stop and reverse closing gates and return them to the fully open position. Loop detectors (sold separately) allow for accessibility and vehicle safety. Loops are wired to the detector, which is buried underneath pavement. Our detectors are also adjustable for sensitivity and frequency. Learn more.



American Access Company of Sioux City has designed customizable automated gates for residential applications, as part of our mission to product safe, secure products. You can potentially increase your property value with our broad selection of products, which also include gate features and accessories. Learn more.


In decades past, American Access Company has installed automated gates and access control devices for data centers, military bases, substations, government buildings, and airports. We recognize these clients need an extra level of protection for their facilities, employees, and visitors, so stay on top of the latest security technology trends. Our high security solutions in Sioux City range from vehicle restraint systems to fences with concertina razor wire. Learn more.


American Access Company provides the Midwest’s largest operation for automated gate repair, gate opener repair, and gate access systems. For any repair or maintenance regarding your automated gate, contact us. Our highly trained staff will work with you to determine what is needed for your gate and/or access control system. Do you need parts for your gate in Sioux City? We have an enormous inventory from which parts can be attained. Learn more.

Benefits of Access Control & Automatic Gates


Automated gates in Omaha help proof homes and commercial properties from intruders. For this reason, American Access Company designs and installs access control systems equipped with cameras and intercoms. The strength of your gate combined with the convenience of screening individual visitors means you greater control over who gains entry to your property.


Automated gates do more than keep out intruders. They’re also essential for protecting facilities, personnel, and visitors. For this reason, when designing and installing automated gates in Sioux City, American Access Company works with safety in mind. Our products are installed in accordance with current safety standards.


Here at American Access Company of Sioux City, we recognize the importance of security and privacy, and combine both needs into our automated gates and access control products. These gates and systems help keep out intruders and unwanted solicitors. What’s more, having a barrier at your property entrance provides a sense of security in relation to the busy street.

Curb Appeal

Have you considered installing an automated gate to boost your curb appeal? American Access Company of Sioux City’s gates are customizable, capable of accommodating specific colors, monograms, landscape designs, etc. Our highly trained design staff works with customers to perfect a design that’s right for their home or commercial property.

Property Value

In addition to enhancing security and curb appeal, automated gates have the potential to increase property value. Buyers are more likely to remember a home or facility that’s complete with automatic gates. In short: if you install an automatic gate, it could benefit you in the long run, when you’re ready to sell your property.


Insurance might not be the most common reason for installing automated gates in Sioux City, having one might encourage insurance carriers to give you a lower premium. A property that’s well guarded with modern security technology is less likely to be vandalized or broken into. The chance for a lower premium is another potential long-term perk to having an automated gate.

As a division of American Fence Company, American Access specializes in automated gates, gate operators, barriers, and access control. We also specialize in gate maintenance and gate repair, and have access to a massive inventory of gate parts. In addition to Sioux City, our service area includes Sergeant Bluff, Bronson, Owego, Dakota City, Pierson, Hinton, Elk Point, Emerson, Anthon, Ponca, and Jefferson.

Our staff is assembled and trained and our in-stock inventory of parts is growing. We stand ready to assist you. Request a Free Estimate today!

What is Access Control?

Access control is an automated gate system used to control who has access to your property in Sioux City.

American Access Company’s residential and commercial gates come in many types: slide gates, swing gates, barrier arms, cantilever gates, etc. Our inventory includes a number of accessories to further boost your property’s security features!