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When it comes to automated gate contractors in Cedar Rapids, American Access Company provides the best in gate design, fabrication, and installation. Our products are incredibly diverse in terms of options on length, weight, horsepower, configuration, cycles, voltage, etc. Select the gate you like best – or work with our team in designing one for your home/business in Cedar Rapids! Learn more.


Using an automated gate opener is very much like using a garage door opener. Simply press the transmission button – this sends a radio frequency code telling the gate to open or close. You can even attach the opener to your car visor for easy accessibility. Our gate openers can be programmed to track usage, manage time zones, and send out individual codes. Learn more.


What are the key functions of automated gate accessories? In addition to opening and closing gates, these devices can stop closing gates and then reverse their path of travel to return them to the fully open position. Accessibility is provided thanks to loop detectors. The loops are installed underneath the pavement, the detectors adjusted for frequency and sensitivity. Learn more.



As the top automated gate contractor in Cedar Rapids, American Access Company designs and installs customizable residential gates. Look through our products and accessories – and work with our team of expert designers – so that the gate you receive is the one ideal for your home. In addition to enhancing security, automated gates in Cedar Rapids have the potential to boost curb appeal and raise property value. Learn more.


In demand nationwide, high security fencing safeguards prisons, airports, substations, military bases, data centers – facilities requiring an additional layer of protection for their infrastructure, staff, and visitors. American Access Company’s high security technology in Cedar Rapids ranges from state-of-the-art fencing to concertina wire and vehicle restraint systems. Learn more.


Do you need automated gate repair in Cedar Rapids? The team here at American Access Company has been carefully trained in the maintenance of access control technology. Whether you have an older model of gate or a more contemporary system, our team has all the expertise and equipment needed to make necessary repairs. We also maintain an enormous inventory on automated gate parts. For this reason, contractors and DIY homeowners come to us when they need specific parts. Learn more.

Benefits of Access Control & Automatic Gates


Security is the top reason for installing an automated gate in Cedar Rapids. Strong barriers that open only for authorized personnel allow you to more easily keep out intruders and unwanted solicitors. American Access Company's selection of access control devices include cameras and intercoms. With this technological boost, you can screen and approve visitors on an individual basis.


In addition to safeguarding residential or commercial property, automated gates help keep out unauthorized personnel as well as protect family, personnel, and visitors. For this reason, it is essential to practice proper gate installation and maintenance. American Access Company of Cedar Rapids is dedicated to the best safety standards for installation and maintenance.


American Access Company’s customers want privacy as well as protection when they hire us for automated gate installation. Sturdy gates grant homeowners additional control over who has authorized entry, thereby helping keep out solicitors and unwanted guests. Automated gates also provide security in the sense of providing a physical barrier between homes and busy streets.

Curb Appeal

American Access Company’s automatic gates in Cedar Rapids have the potential to raise curb appeal. They’re also highly customizable – able to incorporate landscape designs, specific coloring, and monograms. Our expert gate designers will work with you to produce a design befitting your property aesthetics.

Property Value

Automated gates, barrier arms, and high security access control – all of these products, available here at American Access Company of Cedar Rapids, have the potential to raise curb appeal and property value. This comes in handy in the long run, when you’re ready to sell. After all, buyers are more likely to remember—and favor—property with reliable, easy-to-use entrance gates.


While insurance is not necessarily #1 among property owners’ reasons for installing automated gates in Cedar Rapids, the enhanced security can potentially result in lower premiums. Some insurance carriers recognize that boosted security reduces the likelihood of property being broken into, vandalized, or damaged. In short: lower premiums are another potential long-term benefit to hiring American Access Company to install automated gates.

American Access Company designs and installs automated gates, gate operators, barriers, and access control systems. As a division of American Fence Company, we are the Midwest’s largest installer and retailer of automatic gate components. Our highly trained staff also performs gate maintenance and gate repair. In addition to Cedar Rapids, our service area includes Bettendorf, Waverly, Homestead, Marion, Middle Amana, Mount Vernon, North Liberty, and Palo. 

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What is Access Control?

Access control is an automated gate system used to control who has access to your property in Cedar Rapids.

American Access Company’s automated gates in Cedar Rapids include swing gates, slide gates, and cantilever gates. Our products make excellent security additions for both residential and commercial properties. Be sure to check out our selection of accessories, all of which boost security in Cedar Rapids.