5" White Classic Cap
5" White Classic Cap

5" White Classic Cap


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Vinyl fence caps provide several useful functions. For one, they seal off the tops of hollow fence posts, keeping out debris and precipitation. Too much clutter inside your fences could, over time, compromise their strength and integrity. Fence caps also help prevent injuries, in this case users touching and accidentally cutting themselves on the edges of the post openings. The other primary benefit is aesthetics. Vinyl fence posts adorned with elegantly designed caps make your fence appear whole and complete; not to mention a high-quality fence has the potential to raise your property value.

This fence cap is designed for 5" white vinyl fences.  

How the part fits? A 5” classic cap is designed to fit over a 5” x 5” post.

Where is it installed? A 5” classic cap is installed on every 5” x 5” vinyl fence post.

How many do you need? You will need (1) 5”  classic cap per (1) 5” x 5” post.

Maximum profile dimensions: 5.010"
Corner radius: 0.125
Fits externally
Extends 1.000" over the profile
Total height: 3.375"

A 5”  classic cap will slide over the top of a 5” x 5” post.  You will want to apply glue to the inside of each cap, then place the cap on the post. We recommend that you to glue your caps onto your post, this will secure your cap from getting pulled or blown away.