PVC Glue 1.5 oz
PVC Glue 1.5 oz
PVC Glue 1.5 oz

PVC Glue 1.5 oz



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  • VINYL FENCE CONSTRUCTION: High-strength, waterproof adhesive essential for attaching vinyl fence parts. Commonly used when attaching PVC caps to fence posts.
  • SEAMLESS APPLICATION: Formulated with anti-ultraviolet solvents, this glue doesn’t fade or yellow with time. When applied consistently, its texture and color blend seamlessly into white vinyl fencing.
  • ADDITIONAL USES: This adhesive can be used to assemble a broad variety of PVC products. In addition to fences, it’s commonly used when building vinyl decks and railings.
  • EASY TO APPLY: The needle-shaped nozzle gently forces the adhesive onto a surface. The 1½ oz volume and screw-on cap allow for multiple uses.

When it comes to attaching vinyl fence parts, you need a specially formulated adhesive. The glue must be strong enough to not only hold individual fence parts together but withstand wind pressure and the occasional physical impact. After all, you don’t want post caps being knocked off or jarred loose by kids clambering on the fence. Most generic glue brands lack the necessary strength, so it’s important to use an adhesive specifically designed for PVC. This PVC Glue is commonly used when assembling vinyl fences, decks, and railings. What’s more, it’s been formulated for smooth, seamless application. Some glues fade or turn yellow following prolonged UV exposure, but this glue’s formula includes high-quality solvents designed for preventing these effects. Applied consistently, it blends seamlessly into the surface of white PVC. Application is made easy through the tube’s simple shape and the needle-shaped nozzle through which the adhesive is dispensed.