Aluminum Slide Gate

Cantilever gates are an excellent choice for storage issues. The gate takes up little space as it stores up against an adjoining fence line. Unlike a large swing gate where you must keep the entire area clear where the gate sweeps closed or open; a cantilever gate has a very small footprint. A cantilever gate's overall length is usually one and a half the distance of the opening. So, if you have a 30’ opening; your gate is 45’ overall. You must account for this space along the fence where the gate stores. Aluminum cantilever gates use an aluminum square frame with an extruded track at the top. Trucks or trolleys are installed so that the trucks run inside the track to support the gate from the support posts. At the bottom, there are two guide wheels that keep the gate plumb and centered. Steel cantilever gates are very reliable and economic. Aluminum cantilever gates are definitely lighter, the rollers are enclosed and a great platform for an ornamental look. The enclosed track system is a much smoother operation during snow and ice storms.   *Please note that the gate picture represents a custom gate.  Please refer to the style drawing for a more accurate representation of your gate.

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