Vinyl Fence Materials: Popular, Durable, Long Lasting

Vinyl fence materials assembled into high-quality residential fencing.

What are the advantages of vinyl fence materials over wood and other fence types?

Throughout human history, wood and metal have been go-to sources for fence materials worldwide. In recent years, however, alternative materials have appeared on the market, offering their own unique advantages and benefits, and some have unseated their predecessors in terms of popularity. Chief among these is PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or, as it’s generally known, vinyl. Introduced in the late 1970s—roughly a hundred years after PVC made its debut in Germany—vinyl fencing has since exploded into a major industry presence; nowadays, most residential fences are fashioned from PVC. But what are the reasons behind this lasting popularity? What advantages does vinyl have over wood, iron, and chain link?

Gorgeous aesthetics

That old adage “a picture’s worth a thousand words” carries truth when it comes to landscaping and raising property value. Homeowners want perimeter fixtures that complement surroundings and boast a clean, friendly appearance. Whereas chain link and iron emit an atmosphere of security—and are thus most common in commercial and athletic settings—PVC is smooth, slick, and can easily be imbued with inviting colors. Generally speaking, it comes out of the fabrication machine pure, unblemished white. But here at America’s Fence Store, our vinyl fence materials also sell in colors such as tan, khaki, and sandstone.

Vinyl can also be fabricated in specific styles, and the materials we sell at America’s Fence Store accommodate that. You can get privacy for a total visual barrier between your yard and the outside. Semi-privacy permits a minimal amount of visibility between tightly packed slats. Picket and closed picket are classic and inviting in appearance, great for neighborhoods. Overscallop and underscallop picket fencing will help distinguish your yard. And classic ranch rail is ideal for containing livestock as well as creating a rustic, countryside atmosphere.

All of our vinyl fence materials are imbued with a special chemical called titanium dioxide—essentially a kind of sunscreen. As a result, your fence becomes resistant to ultraviolet degradation. It shouldn’t yellow or lose its color, merely experience a minor reduction in its natural sheen.

The extreme durability of vinyl fence materials

Another selling point for vinyl is sheer physical strength. While not matching iron, it’s highly durable and requires considerable impact to be broken. What’s more, PVC endures as a largely fireproof material, requiring temperatures above 900 degrees Fahrenheit to ignite. (This is one advantage it has over wood.) What about intense cold? Even in the grip of winter, vinyl merely becomes more flexible. For all of these reasons, the professional-grade vinyl sold here is capable of lasting a lifetime. Unless someone plows a car through your property, no need to worry about replacing your fence someday!

Superior resistance to water damage

Vinyl is a waterproof material. Hence why fluids of all kinds—rainwater, accumulating dew, melting snow, etc.—merely run off rather than absorb through its surface. Wood, on the other hand, is highly absorbent and requires painting and staining to prevent water from soaking in. Failure to accommodate frequently results in the trapped liquids freezing during winter and breaking apart the wood strata. With vinyl, you can put all these concerns to rest. In addition to being waterproof, PVC is highly resistant to rust and corrosion.

Buy all your vinyl fence materials here at America’s Fence Store. We sell and ship everything from LED-equipped caps to pickets to rails and gate hardware. Lately, we’ve introduced Complete Fence Packages, wherein you pick from different fence lengths and we ship everything needed to build that to you. We also have a free-to-use online fence drawing tool. Simply draw your fence on a grid or Google Maps view of your land, and our website automatically determines the needed materials and adds everything to your cart! It doesn’t get any easier!