Top Ten Photos of America's Fence Store's 2018 Projects!

City of Ankeny 

This twisting and winding handrail is proudly installed in Ankeny, Iowa. America’s Fence Store’s custom metals team had a really enjoyed working on this beauty!

Twisting ornamental custom rail with posts double the height

Cloisters on the Platte

Cloisters on the Platte is a spiritual retreat that emphasizes reflection and each individual’s relationship with a higher power. America’s Fence Store’s custom metals shop fabricated this special hand railing to help guests look over the beautiful landscape as they take in everything the retreat has to offer.

 Custom ornamental railing with thick round rail and separate ornamental pickets beneath


Some louvered panels and gates from PalmSHIELD were installed at an elementary school in Caroll, IA. This mechanical equipment screening allows their equipment to run smoothly while keeping kids safe and away from anything hazardous.

 Black louvered gates attached to a brick facility

Imani Ridge

The most premier development in Sioux Falls, SD wouldn’t be complete without features like this gate that are eye-catching and bright. This gate was a lot of fun for our weld shop to fabricate and turned out even better than it was envisioned.

Black ornamental gate leaf with a sunburst pattern and a thick copper strip at the bottom


Facebook is an ever-growing Titan, and America’s Fence Store’s hometown is lucky enough to be the location for Facebook’s next large data center. Our custom metals department has been working tirelessly on this project to make sure it’s as safe and efficient as it can be. Here you can see corten fence installed by the weld shop at the Facebook location in Papillion,

 Industrial ornamental fencing at the Gretna Facebook location with pickets bent at a 45 degree angle for extra security

Facebook security ornamental fencing


This unique, ornate fence was a custom job America’s Fence Store took on for a customer in Gretna, IA. The medallions and scrolls were all completely built in the America’s Fence Store weld shop.

 Custom residential ornamental fencing with decorative panels and pickets

Silver Creek

A lovely custom black sign for Silver Creek Estates with ornate scrolls and finials. This sign has 2 legs and has “Silver Creek Estates” cut out of its face like a stencil.

 Custom ornamental sign for Silver Creek Estates utilizing a shadow effect and use of blank space

Henry Doorly Zoo

Fencing to keep in the giraffes, gazelle and rhinoceroses in the Henry Doorly Zoo’s popular new Africa exhibit. In the background is a stand where you can purchase special branches that you can then hand-feed to the giraffes. A variety of animals graze and live in this area in harmony, while remaining safe from the train attraction with our fence installation.

 Angled chain link security fence with bottom rail and without top rail at the Africa exhibit in the Henry Doorly Zoo

Local Handiwork

The online store has made a massive amount of headway in the last year and has received repeat business from several contractors. This photo shows a photo from Carl Zimmerman, who purchased from America’s Fence Store to create an adjoining vinyl fence between 2 neighbors who worked together to coordinate this fence. What’s more beautiful than team work and neighborly love?

Neighboring white vinyl privacy fencing