Top 5 Wood Fence Materials

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Wood fences are splendid additions to any home or commercial property, yielding privacy, security, and perimeter elegance. However, the quality of the wood fence materials can make all the difference in terms of long-term value. Obviously, a fence construed of weak, flimsy materials (such as the premade panels available at big box stores) won’t last and will be especially susceptible to damage. If you're planning to install or repair a wood fence, it's essential to understand the different parts that make up a wood fence and the materials that are commonly used to build them. In this blog post, we'll explore the top 5 wood fence materials and discuss why America’s Fence Store is your go-to vendor for such parts.

1. Wood Fence Posts

Fence posts are the structural backbone of any perimeter security feature, providing the support that holds up the panels, rails, infill, etc. The best wood fence materials typically derive from pressure-treated lumber. Pressure-treated lumber is the most economical option and is treated with chemicals to resist rot and insect damage. Here at America’s Fence Store, we purchase all our fence materials from reputable vendors, with whom we’ve formed lasting partnerships over 50+ decades in the business. We settle for only the best wood fence materials on the market. Properly cared for—which includes painting and staining to prevent winter-related damages—your wood fence should last many years.

2. Wood Fence Rails

Rails are the horizontal boards that connect the fence posts and provide support for the fence panels. The best wood fence materials for railings are strong, durable, and resistant to decay. They also have a natural resistance to warping and twisting, which helps maintain your fence’s straight, level appearance. Be sure to check out our healthy supply of wood fence railings—harvested from the best lumber on the world market!

3. Wood Fence Pickets

Pickets are the vertical boards that make up the fence panels and provide privacy and security. Generally speaking, buyers imagine pickets of the 1940s variety, the kind with the spacious gaps that function mainly to mark property lines and add a touch of elegance to your lot. However, pickets can be used to build multiple fence styles such as privacy, semi-private, shadowbox, overscallop, and underscallop.

4. Wood Fence Gate Hardware

Of course, perimeter barriers aren’t complete without a similarly styled gate to secure/mark the entrance. Hardware includes the hinges, latches, gate springs, rod assemblies, and similar materials used to keep the gate sturdy and functional.



5. Wood Fence Complete Packages

Have you ever wanted to simple go online and purchase a bundle of fence materials pre-calculated to make a fence of your desired length? America’s Fence Store has answered these needs with our new Complete Fence Packages. Everything needed to build a wood fence—rails, pickets, posts, hardware, etc.—put together and shipped directly to you. Presently, we offer wood fence packages in the following varieties.

  • 4’ Fir Wood Picket Fence
  • 6’ Cedar Wood Solid Privacy Fence

Available in the following lengths: 50’, 75’, 100’, 150’, 200’, 250’, 300’, 350’.