Top 5 Chain Link Fence Fittings

Commercial chain link fence spanning an overpass.

All the chain link fence materials you need — great prices and built to last!

Popular in the United States since World War II, chain link remains one of the most common fence types on the market today, renowned for dependable strength and serviceable visibility. As the nation’s top online vendor for perimeter security/boundary-marking parts, America’s Fence Store sells a diverse supply of chain link fence materials. Our chain link products come in two recognizable forms: traditional galvanized, which is gray in color and features a zinc-rich finish for rust resistance; and black vinyl coated, which retains the same strengths (durability, visibility, resilience to corrosion) but with boosted curb appeal; this is the kind most frequently installed in residential settings. An elegant fence helps distinguish a fence from neighboring properties and increases the odds of a sale when prospective buyers who want a fence cruise the neighborhood.

In this article, we’ll cover the five most important chain link fence materials and products—all of which are available in both galvanized and black vinyl-coated form here at America’s Fence Store!

tension bar for chain link fencing

1. Tension bars

Though you might not suspect it from their simple appearances, these bars are in fact key to a chain link fence’s strength and integrity. Without these narrow slats of metal, your fence’s infill will sag, with loose ends aplenty, presenting numerous gaps that intruders can exploit. (The same applies to pets and children trying to leave the yard!) Used in conjunction with tension bands (sold separately), these bars stretch infill into a rigid state. This way, the chain link will be flat and taut. But how important are the tension bands?

Tension band for chain link fences

2. Tension Bands

The other key part involved in transforming limp, flimsy chain link into an impervious barrier, tension bands are designed to slide over and down your fence posts, spaced apart evenly. Once installed, take the tension bars and slide them vertically through both the bands as well as the “knuckles” along the edge of the infill. When remaining loose points along the rails have been secured using wire ties, your chain link fence will become a strong, impervious barrier that still allows visibility through both sides. (A big reason why this remains a popular form of sports fencing.)

Top rail sleeve for chain link fencing.

3. Top Rail Sleeves

As indicated by its name, these sleeves are fabricated specifically to join two top rails together. These sleeves are essential products to have when dealing with rails that are bent or broken, or if a fence simply needs new extended rails. Attach the rails through the part’s open ends; they can be welded for additional strength. Built to last, these top rail sleeves are—like our other chain link fence parts—either galvanized or coated with black vinyl, making them resilient to rust and corrosion.

Steel mounting plate for chain link fencing.

4. Steel Mounting Plates

The successful installation of chain link fence posts onto concrete requires a mounting base—one which can be welded to the bottom of posts and then secured to the hard surface underneath. This is the 8" x 8" x 3/8" Steel Plate: simply fabricated but efficient for securing posts. Weld the bottom of your fence post to this steel plate's center. Now, how do you secure it onto concrete? The plate comes with four pre-drilled holes, which are used to bolt the steel plate—and the attached fence post—to the floor. This plate is made of galvanized steel, which provides superior rust resistance.

5. Complete Fence Packages

We’re cheating a little with this one, as it’s not technically a chain link fitting—it contains all the fittings you’ll need for a project, and much more! The Complete Fence packages are a new addition to America’s Fence Store’s inventory. Sometimes customers know the length of their dream fence and simply need the materials and parts to assemble it. For these customers, it’s convenient to simply order everything in a single bundle. These packages contain a pre-calculated amount of chain link fence materials, based on the projected length. Posts, infill, tension bars and bands, steel mounting plates, wire ties, rail sleeves, the whole nine yards!