Top 5 Advantages of Chain Link Fencing

Photograph of galvanized chain link fence protecting a playground.

Popular since the 1940s, chain link fence materials remain a common choice for residential, commercial, and sports fencing!

When it comes to fencing options, chain link stands out due to their numerous advantages over other types of fence types. Here at America's Fence Store, we specialize in many fence materials (ornamental, wood, vinyl, etc.), with chain link fence materials being one of our most popular types. Whether you need a fence for your home or a commercial property, this time-tested barrier offers several benefits. Here are five key advantages of chain link fencing:

1. Chain Link Fence Materials are Affordable

Chain link fences are known for their affordability. The materials used in their infill, namely galvanized steel, result in less expenses than, say, solid fence panels constructed entirely out of metal. (As a matter of fact, this is the main reason chain link launched into popularity during World War II: when metal was being conserved for the military but need for fences back home remained prevalent, chain link offered a solution that consumed less material.) Additionally, the installation process is very straightforward. Be sure to check out our How-To section for installing chain link fence materials.

2. High-Quality Chain Link Offers Extreme Durability and Longevity

Properly fabricated by a supplier, chain link fences are built to last. Made of galvanized steel or coated with vinyl (like the ones whose materials are sold here at America's Fence Store), these fences are resistant to factors that plague other fence types, such as pests, rot, and corrosion. They do not attract dirt and debris, and require minimal maintenance. Unlike wood fences, these never requires painting or staining; they do not absorb water and thus do not suffer the unsightly bulges and cracks that happen to wood fence materials when not prepped for winter. By simply occasionally sweeping off leaves and cobwebs, you can keep your fence in top condition. This durability makes chain link fencing ideal for both commercial properties and homeowners who prefer low-maintenance options.

Of course, chain link's only as good as its manufacturer and supplier. Here at America's Fence Store, we deal only with the best vendors around the globe. Our fence materials, whether galvanized or vinyl coated, is of prestige quality: resilient to rust, designed to last a lifetime.

3. Popular Residential and Commercial Security Means

Chain link fences provide robust security, as they consist of interlocking, galvanized steel wires woven in a diamond pattern. These wires are vertically bent and attached to steel poles embedded in the ground. While chain link fences offer visibility, they are challenging to breach. That's why they are commonly used in high-security areas like correctional facilities, military bases, and industrial zones.

4. Visibility and Ventilation for Sports and Construction Venues

Wherever you look, chain link is frequently installed around playgrounds, ballfields, and racetracks. The reasons are justified. For not only does it offer a sturdy barrier that helps separate/protect audiences from the action (no one wants to get clonked by an incoming baseball!), the gaps in the mesh are wide enough to permit ample visibility.

These gaps likewise make chain link popular as construction zone fences: dust and debris is permitted to flow out freely. This helps keep the air cleaner, improving comfort for the crew. Don't forget: a comfortable crew nurtures productivity and helps ensure the best possible construction job.

5. Numerous Options

Chain link fences come in a wide range of options, allowing you to customize your fencing to meet your specific needs. Fences of this type are available in numerous heights, accommodating everything from backyard fences to barriers for sports fields. (This material is frequently used in the making of backstops, as well!) America's Fence Store sells this particular fence material in two distinct types: traditional galvanized and black vinyl coated.

Galvanized is the most common type, found in most neighborhoods and around most commercial venues. By the nature of the galvanization process, it is extremely resilient to rust and corrosion. However, black vinyl offers unique perks, as well. In addition to retaining its counterpart's incredible strength and rust-resistant qualities, it boasts increased curb appeal. Homeowners looking to install fencing around their property might consider this type, as it'll help distinguish their yard from those of your neighbors.

Chain link is highly versatile and serve various purposes in both residential and commercial applications. Whether you need a tall, imposing fence or a low, visually appealing one that blends with your home's design, chain link fencing offers a customizable solution. With its ease of installation, durability, and cost-effectiveness, chain link fencing may be the perfect choice for your fencing needs.