Top 3 Uses for Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fence materials for security, containing pets, and athletic venues.

America’s Fence Store sells residential and commercial-grade chain link materials for the construction of high-quality barriers. First invented in the 1800s, chain link fencing shot to popularity during World War II, when metal conservation limited the availability of solid iron panels. Using metal in the form of wires while requiring less materials, this fence type quickly took the place of its predecessor and today remains one of the most common barrier types in the world. Chain link is not an “all-purpose” solution. (The spacious, diamond-shaped gaps in the mesh allow visibility into your property and thus are not the ideal choice for clients desiring privacy; the better choice for these customers is solid vinyl fencing.) That said, many homeowners, businesses, and property managers opt for this fence type, as it can serve many useful functions.

1. Defining Property Lines

Privacy fences are not necessary when goals consist of marking where property lots begin and end. With chain link, you can clearly define boundaries for yourself, neighbors, and everyone else. Not only does a fence help deter trespassers, it’s of great help during times of yard work and maintenance. If you’re hiring an outside company to do landscaping, install sprinklers, etc., a fence clearly defines lines that must not be crossed. Also, the staff knows what areas to avoid when installing underground pipes and electrical wiring.

2. Sports Venues: Separating Spectators from the Action

Chain link is the historical choice for sports fencing, as ballfields at schools, arenas, etc. use this metal wire mesh to part players from the crowd. In addition to marking areas where spectators may not pass, it increases safety. After all, a baseball traveling at six miles a minute, going uncaught by anyone, and landing into the crowd can result in serious injuries. But if the bleachers are shielded by a protective fence, the ball will land safely against the infill, the players can easily retrieve it, and the game continues without incident.

3. Compatible with Security Add-Ons

Generally speaking, chain link is not used for residential security, as the gaps in the mesh are easily climbed by humans and animals alike. (For this reason, many homeowners don’t use it for dog fencing; most breeds learn quickly they can grip the wires with their claws and clamber over. Other animals are capable of it as well; check out this video of an alligator clambering over a chain link fence!) And yet, you often see chain link fencing used at substations, power plants, and correctional facilities—albeit with security add-ons such as barbed wire.

Here at America’s Fence Store, we sell barbed wire arms in a variety of styles. For the utmost protection, we recommend angular arms that project outward/inward from the fence at 45-degree angles. Now trespassers/escapees won’t be able to just climb to the top and pull themselves over to the other side. We also sell concertina wire.

America’s Fence Store is the top online vendor for chain link fence materials. Shop everything from fence posts to rails to infill to security add-ons. We sell this fence type in two forms: galvanized and black vinyl coated. Be sure to also check out our online fence calculator tool. Simply draw your fence—on a black canvas or over a Google Maps view of your property—and in a matter of seconds our website calculates all the materials needed to build your fence and adds it to your cart for you!