Spring is King for Fencing

When is the best time to start building your new fence?  Spring!  But why?

  1. Your suppliers almost always have great spring deals to kick-off the home improvement season.  Also, they will have their newest products in inventory.
  2. Weeds, shrubs, trees and all your plants are only now starting to bud.  It is much easier to cut-back those limbs and branches before covered and weighted down in leaves.
  3. If you are going to tear-up a little lawn and landscaping while putting in your new fence, do it now leaving plenty of time for it to bounce back.
  4. Spring brings plenty of rain and mild temperatures leaving the ground a little bit softer.
  5. Speaking of mild temperatures, who wants to build a fence in the heat of the summer.
  6. Before you get busy with summer vacations, picnics, barbeques and outdoor sports, put this job behind you.
  7. Start early and enjoy your new fence all summer long.

If you are like me; you love summer!  My outdoor home improvement projects are completed before the first fire flies start appearing in our backyard or we can hear the laughter from the tubers on the river below.   By then, I am on the riverbank with a pole in one hand and a cool drink in the other