Single Track vs Double Track Cantilever Gates

Cantilever gates can be an asset to a home, property, or business's security. Different styles of cantilever gates have different uses and different benefits. Two of the most common types of cantilever gates are the single track and the double track gates.

Benefits of Each Style

Single track cantilever gates are meant for gates that measure 27 feet long and under. These gates are lighter and don't need as much support as a double track gates. Single track gates use two mounting posts to help stabilize them. The lightweight nature of a smaller gate and the high-quality of the materials of the rollers and track make the gate smooth and very easy to operate.

Cantilever gate finish sizes can be as much as 50% more than the size of the gate opening to allow proper counterbalance, but larger openings may also need extra support. Double track cantilever gates are recommended for gates 27 feet long or longer. These gates typically use four mounting posts in order to provide even more strength and security.

If you are wondering whether you need a single track or double track gate, what it ultimately depends on is how wide your opening is. When your opening is fewer than 27 feet long, you should look at a single track cantilever gate. If it is greater than 27 feet long, you should go with the double track.

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