Privacy Fence Materials

Privacy fencing for visual seclusion and increased yard safety!

America’s Fence Store specializes in a broad spectrum of fence types and styles. From galvanized chain link to pristine vinyl pickets, we sell all the necessary posts, rails, and hardware needed to construct a professional, high-quality barrier. Of all the fence types favored by residential and commercial property owners alike, privacy ranks among the most common. At times, we want visual seclusion and minimal wind disturbance as we conduct daily operations or cook in the backyard. In situations like these, one needs solid fence panels, with no gaps between pickets.

Enhanced Privacy

Not all fence types fulfill total seclusion needs. While creating a friendly look for your property, spacious pickets allow air movement into your yard and do nothing to prevent eyes from peering in. So obviously this design won’t cut it for businesses that want to shield operations from view, or families wishing to remain hidden from neighbors and passersby as they enjoy downtime on the patio. Privacy fences, however, consist of vertical pickets packed tightly together, resulting in zero visibility to the other side.

Superior Means of Containing Children and Pets

If passersby can see through gaps in your fence, children and pets can likewise spot distractions outside the yard. Rather than supervise each and every time they go outside, you can install a dependable privacy fence for safe containment. Chain link fences are not so efficient a solution, as children and pets figure out—very quickly—how to climb the “knuckles” in the metallic wire infill. Dogs are likewise known to chew through pickets or dig under fences whose bottom rails are situated even a few inches above the ground.

The slats in privacy fencing are perfectly smooth and—again—tightly packed. For this reason, pets and children are restricted from seeing outside distractions and, even if they do, cannot escape so easily. Consider this, as well. If a child hits their ball over the fence, they’ll impulsively chase after it—even into the street! That’s an easy feat with a chain link or low-hanging picket fence. A tall privacy fence, however, is more likely to contain toys; and even if the ball clears the top, your child will have to get you to retrieve it.

Though, as seen in the picture above, America's Fence Store also sells materials used to build privacy fences with upper lattice. Providing the visual seclusion and compact security of privacy fencing, with a little extra curb appeal.

Restricted Wind Movement

Windy days can be a hindrance sometimes to productivity—or at least a nuisance on days when you want to kick back and relax. This is another advantage to privacy fences and their packed-together pickets: wind cannot pass through and enter the contained space. Not to mention that privacy fences can also function as a sound barrier, muffling some of the noise generated by wind.

Enhanced Real Estate Value

Think about this. You’re a homebuyer cruising the neighborhood, checking out lots for sale. Your dream home has a privacy fence, allowing you to enjoy those afternoons of total privacy and seclusion. Naturally, you’ll be scouting homes that already have a fence installed. It means less long-term work for you, and you’ll save the time and expense of hiring a contractor.

So if you plan to sell your home in the future, having a fence previously installed can potentially increase both your market value as well as the odds of a successful sale!

Order Privacy Fence Materials Online!

America’s Fence Store stocks more than eighteen acres of wood, vinyl, chain link, and ornamental fence materials. We have all the necessary parts needed to build a high-quality privacy fence: posts, rails, pickets, gate hardware, you name it! Be sure to check out our free-to-use fence drawing tool, which allows you to sketch a fence outline on a Google Maps view of your land—and which automatically calculates and adds all necessary fence parts to your cart! We also have a Complete Fence Package option for 6’ Cedar Wood Solid Privacy fencing. Already know your dimensions and just want to order a pre-bundled shipment of fence supplies? We have the solution for you!