PalmSHIELD's New and Free AIA-Approved Course!

PalmSHIELD is proud to now offer an official AIA-approved course. “The Selection of Architectural Screening" is free and requires no prerequisite knowledge. This new course is worth 1 LU - HSW for AIA members, available on-demand or live.

Introductory and unbiased, The Selection of Architectural Screening covers the following:

  • The evolution and need for architectural screening.
  • Design trends of architectural screening.
  • Case studies on cities that mandate the use of architectural screening.
  • Common and possible uses of screening.
  • Pros and cons of materials and designs.
  • Architectural screenings effect on curb appeal and property value.
  • Appearance standards for architectural screening.
  • The effect IBC and ASCE7-16 codes have on the engineering of architectural screening.
  • Rooftop and ground mounting practices for architectural screens.
  • And more! 

What can you expect to learn from participating in this course?

  • Architectural screening codes and standards complying with progressive city requirements. More and more progressive cities are mandating architectural screening or mechanical equipment screening to provide safety to citizens and eliminate unsightly areas.
  • Different types of architectural screening and materials to choose which will be best for their project. We will cover which materials and designs are best for certain situations. Often, the design choice is critical to the airflow, security, and safe performance of key building components such as HVAC, transformers, generators, etc. 
  • Curb appeal, property value, and security added when an architectural screen is used. We will discuss visual examples of why architectural screening is necessary for aesthetics and security. 
  • The necessity for quality architectural screening engineered to meet IBC and ASCE7-16 codes for wind loads on structures. We will break down IBC and ASCE7-16 codes to explain why it is necessary to specify quality architectural screening. We also explain best practices for the safe installation of architectural screening.

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