PalmSHIELD's Horizontal Louvers Getting New Look and Price!

PalmSHIELD's extremely popular horizontal louvers are getting a new design, along with a new and very affordable price! Our customers have trusted us for more than 50 years to provide louvered architectural screening panels for protection and provided airflow for mechanical equipment, rooftop equipment, and dumpster enclosures. And with their new design, they retain that airflow while also providing a sleeker, more modern aesthetic. Better still, the design comes at a more economic-friendly price, making it perfect for commercial and industrial applications that are required to meet a budget.

In the process of streamlining designs for improved cost efficiency, manufacturers occasionally sacrifice structural integrity. But in the case of PalmSHIELD's horizontal louvered mechanical screening, this is not so. Our fabrication team has gone the distance to maintain strength and longevity, while providing an all-aluminum framework, clean design, robust columns, strong baseplates, and intermediate structural supports. Whether you are protecting HVAC or merely closing off a dumpster from public view, these louvered screenings provide the security you need for comfort.

In many cases, the last phase of a project to be designed and installation is architectural and mechanical screening. Nobody want to go over budget and waste valuable hours, so PalmSHIELD's louvers are made to be cost-effective. What's more, we have free CAD drawings and specifications available on our website!

In summary: if you are looking for a budget-friendly option that can be quickly implemented into your plans, look no further than our horizontal louvers. Cut costs instead of quality. Contact us today for a free quote!