PalmSHIELD Louvered Screening

PalmSHIELD louver is 100% direct visual screening. 

PalmSHIELD louvers standard design uses a 1/2" overlap based on direct visual screening. Direct visual screening is a standard measure for determining percentage of visibility. It is exactly as described. Looking head on at a horizontal plane to a plumb  installed louver, will you be able to see through it? Visibility at this vantage point is a percentage of visibility.

 PalmSHIELD's design used a 1/2" overlap of louvers. generating 100% direct visual screening. We can also modify louvers to provide less or more direct visual screening for our customers.

Our 100% direct visual screening is related to our percentage of openness. This openness is the actual space between the louvers over a specific area. Small opening between two louvers is the greatest factor impacting the percentage of openness. Louvers typically louver opening based on 100% direct visual screening is 2 1/4" . example, 4" tall louvers spaced 3 1/2" on center, the smallest opening will be 2 1/4". This translates to approximately 64% free area.