PalmSHIELD.....Don't Sweat Your Copper.

Louvered PalmShield helps to secure HVAC equipment enclosures. We all know copper prices have increased over 60% since 2007. And you know what that means, "theft". These thieves are averaging $100.00 of copper tubing stolen from residential ac units. The local Huston news has reported several commercial HVAC units dropped several stories from roof tops at shopping malls. Thieves pull the copper from these units that value hundred of dollars. Who pays? the mall owners spend tens of thousands of dollars every year replacing these units. As commercial property and home owners move quickly to protect equipment, those of you who have not are now the target of these Thieves.

PalmSHIELD provides a wide arrange of security measures to protect your ac and HVAC equipment. Security guards, security cameras, and even lighting are an immediate solution that will help deter and catch thieves. This equipment will not stop persistent thieves who are willing to do what it takes to get your equipment, and copper. Under these circumstances, only a tough insurmountable enclosure is going to stop thieves and protect your property.

PalmSHIELD;s louvered secure HVAC and ac equipment enclosures will be your perfect solution. We can even provide a lockable lid for smaller enclosures. With non removable hinges and a lock that is not accessible to be cut. We offer height of up to twelve feet for larger ac equipment enclosures. These taller free standing systems use a large structural columns to support your PalmSHIELD panels. The panels are framed with structural  aluminum extrusions designed for your project. All of the PalmSHIELD louvered panels are designed to allow air flow to accommodate your needs. The architectural panels are secured with Stainless steel screws to the post. These screws are not accessible from the outside of the louvered system. We use a Gorilla hinge paired with PalmSHIELDS  internal locking device is also not accessible to any thieves. On double door installations, we use internal lockable drop rods to secure your enclosure.

For smaller PalmSHIELD ac enclosures offers a light weight solution to rooftop installations. These panels can be assembled by anyone if minutes. PalmSHIELD ac enclosures are pre-engineered, tested to assure that all points of attachments align perfectly. Thus eliminating any onsite drilling or fabrication. Roof top installations the corner column supports have large plate to help with installation. Site conditions can be challenging, we recognize this and our equipment should not add to those challenges.

There are allot of security enclosures on the market for ac and HVAC units. Many provide security but are often tested by thieves before moving on leaving a damaged or compromised unit that needs repaired. PalmSHIELD is formidable. Would-be thieves think twice before trying to break down our PalmSHIED enclosures. With large four inch square columns and thick three inch thick panel framework,  this system PalmSHIELD  presents a big challenge to all thieves.

PalmSHIED is built to fit your installation, be it a small ac rooftop unit to a large 12' tall commercial project each PalmSHIELD is unique to our customers. We provide a complete layout or drawing of your installation for your approval for any project you have. We recognize no installation is typical.